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A good record-keeping system is essential to the effective running and operation of an animal research laboratory. Animal records including strain, species, gender and any other pertinent characteristics such as the date of receipt of the animal. Animal records must identify and highlight procedures used on the animal and both diagnostic and medical proteins undertaken. Inaccurately identified animals leads to inaccurate data and overall costs the laboratory more money.

Studylog Desktop is a powerful tool that is used by

research labs of all sizes to automate the planning, data acquisition, analysis, reporting and storage for animal research studies. This groundbreaking and cost-effective laboratory information management system for animals was designed to cater for the previous problems and concerns animals laboratories faced in terms of simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness. Studylog Desktop allows research teams to design, plan, execute, analyze, report and collaborate on all animal disease models.

Studylog is optimized for collaboration: streamlined access for study design

development, data review and reporting. Leverage Study Data: The Studylog API server allows access to study data for in-depth query, analysis, reporting, and integration with other scientific applications and databases.

Many of our customers report that they are able to double the number of

studies conducted without additional staff, are able to ask additional questions during ongoing studies, and are able to expedite next-step planning.

Studylog is used by academic labs, national cancer institutes,

and 7 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies and many CROs. It can work on a single lab computer, and on hundreds of computers at different sites world-wide. This software encompasses online collection and management of data for compliance management requirements. This animal

study information management system provides live and quick data on research and experiments from the integrated systems without getting in the way.

About studylog

World class animal study

Studylog systems was established in 2003 by pre-clinical researchers and IT experts in South San-Francisco with the sole purpose of making the work a better place. The platform developed by Studylog – lab management software helps to save life’s by providing patients with faster treatments developer through more efficient pre-clinical research. This company focuses on collaboration and customer-oriented approach towards creating a world class animal study workflow in the world

Impact of studylog

The impact Studylog is having across different fields ranging from top pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, R&D companies, academics and government labs all over the world serves as a testament to the exceptional work we are doing. The successes of this company involves efficient and fast discovery of treatment through efficient research, making patients receive life-saving treatments quicker. In a mission to create the world’s best study workflow software, we continue to amass talented people who inspire us to greater heights, interacting with mom the company and external partners with trust, respect, honesty, integrity, commitment and loyalty which are all outlined in the company core values.

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This platform saves working time while improving service delivery rates while maintaining quality and integrity of the process and protocols.

Minimize Overhead Cost

We focus on minimizing overhead costs associated excess working time and slow synergy between hardware and software systems. The usability and dependability of the platform minimizes the learning curve. It can be easily taught to lab technicians.

The animal friendly tags are minimally invasive and do not require injections or other irritating methods. Although the software is easy to install and use, our dedicated staff will provide you and your team with a comprehensive training that focuses on your needs without getting in the way of current lab projects. This software recognizes the inefficiencies or older methods of animal management systems and processes and decided to solve those problems.

This company provides seamless integration and installation of the software with your existing hardware facilities to upgrade your services. The integration of your current laboratory to superior study management systems will enable you run your research within days. The features are customizable to fit your preference and ensure a smooth transition from your existing databases to a faster one by automating time consuming tasks such as report outputs.
* Easiest System to Install & Use on the Market.

* Most Competitive Pricing On the Market.
* Minimum Burden on Investigators while inspecting and trying to follow research protocols.
* Reduce Staff Working Time By Hours
* Access to Studylog Apps and we also integrate with your desired existing database.